GstarCAD – Universal CAD program with lifetime license

Universal CAD program with lifetime license.

GstarCAD - Professional CAD 2D/3D program that you already know!

GstarCAD is a software for 2D/3D designing distinguished by cheap price and lifetime license. Due to high performance and intuitive interface, cooperation with professional industry overlays and many innovative features allows for quick and effective work with DWG/DXF file formats. This easy to use program for the technical drawing is ideal for both beginners and experienced designers.

Support for popular formats

GstarCAD is fully in accordance with the DWG format. You don't have to worry about your data when opening the file saved in AutoCAD® in the DWG format.

Intuitive Interface

User interface and working methods in GstarCAD are very similar to ACAD, additional training is not required.

Innovative Tools

New features that are not commonly found in other programs (Automatic Layers, Surface Table, Attribute Increment)

Development Support

Programs in LISP/ FAS/ VLX formats prepared in ACAD can be launched directly in the GstarCAD environment.

Work in the cloud

View, manage and share DWG drawings from multiple devices with a single click and enjoy the mobile design and communication with millions of users


GstarCAD is based on independent intellectual property rights and patented technologies owned by Gstarsoft Co., Ltd

The main features of the GstarCAD program

  • Lifetime Licence

    You get a lifetime licence when buying the GstarCAD program.

  • Dynamic Blocks

    Dynamic Blocks in GstarCAD will help you to manage a database of ready elements better. You can create e.g. different variants of electrical hydraulic symbols or multiple window or door symbols.

  • Compare Drawings

    So you can compare the old drawing prior the modifications to the one you received from a co-worker.

  • Data Extraction

    The program will help you in tabulating the objects in the drawing. You will quickly export the desired data to an Excel spreadsheet and hand them over to coworkers.

  • Scale Objects along one axis

    The Free Scale command will allow you to scale all selected objects along any axis. This way you can scale individual objects (e.g. circle) or set of objects or even blocks!

26 325
Gstarcad licences sold in Europe
as of June 2019

Our customers

We work with over 120 companies operating on international and domestic markets.


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Atsisiųskite GstarCAD 2021 ir išbandykite jos galimybes!

Nemokama bandomoji GstarCAD 2021 versija veikia 14 dien7 ir leidžia kruopčiai išbandyti visas programos galimybes.

Download Demo

To the e-mail address provided in the form you will receive links for downloading the GstarCAD 2020 (32/64-bit) test version in Polish and English and the user's manual.

If the message does not reach you within a few minutes, please check the SPAM folder. 

The choice between the Standard, Professional and Educational versions is made after running the already installed program.

The current version of the program in the English language version: 191227

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Poprzednie wersje GstarCAD

Bezpłatna wersja testowa GstarCAD działa przez 14 dni i umożliwia gruntowne przetestowanie wszystkich możliwości programu.