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GstarCAD is the fast, powerful and .dwg-compatible CAD software. It is the world-class 2D/3D CAD (Computer aided design) software platform. GstarCAD’s powerful functions, .dwg-compatible programming platform, cost-effective solution and ease-of-use operating interface ensure that your design inspiration comes true skillfully and thoroughly at high speed.

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Reasons to get it

Native *.dwg support

Fully *. dwg comptible: GstarCAD supports *.dwg/.dxf format data of different versions(R2. 5-2014)that not only ensures compliance of your older data but also avoids complicationgs of cleaning and conversion it.

Easy to start

GstarCAD gains more and more CAD users because is easy to start and master without learning effort. Design what you imagine knowing that GstarCAD works like you think, faster and ease.


GstarCAD version-up means an amicable upgrade policy, users are free to upgrade a worth version according to their needs instead of forcing to upgrade year by year.

Lifetime license

With GstarCAD you get lifetime license without any obligation to update

30 day free trial

Demo version of GstarCAD runs for 30 days and allows testing all main features and functions of the program.

Fast and Robust Solution

GstarCAD shorten workflow, increasing productivity, allowing you get right into your design with full-flexible 2D/3D functions backed by outstanding performance, stability and compatibility, that’s why is a fast and robust solution in the CAD industry.

Affordable decision

GtstarCAD is affordable to purchase, upgrade and maintain, besides zero cost implementation, minimum training and quick support/service, makes easy sense to take an affordable decision.

Open for CAD Application Development

GstarCAD brings collaborative and friendly programming environment and compatible APIs like GRX, VBA and VLISP that help to develop hundreds of value-added solutions faster than any other competitive CAD systems.

Technical support

GtstarCAD users trust and know that our experienced technical support delivers at time response under any request with the quality of service you deserve.

Free AUTOXLS Table

Autoxlstable allows create a sheet or table directly in Microsoft Excel to be inserted to GstarCAD automatically.

DWG FastView

The faster CAD viewer application for desktop, designed to accurate view and plot .dwg/.dxf/ and .dws file formats.

Network Version

Network license costs more than a license for one сomputer, but at the same time you can reduce the cost of licenses for users on the corporate network ..

Free Mobile Client

Mobile terminal platform, which is fully compatible with DWG drawings and helps users to view 3D drawings in multi-dimension perspectives and view, edit,annotate and share 2D CAD drawing files.

GstarCAD in the World

More than 400 000 users of small business and large companies around the world using GstarCAD from 2001.

Dongle Version

The advantage of a dongle version of the software is that it can be used on any computer at any time.


Thanks to many features available in the CADprofi program you will perform your job much faster.

Our customers

Thanks again for your great communication and making sure I got what I needed and not what I asked for. Excellent Service!!!
– Steve Taylor
It is well design for me, i think it is easy to use, and it’s compatible with the major cad software – George Deming

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